People across the United States consume alcohol to celebrate any number of events. From the July 4th to a night out with a significant other or friends, alcohol has been a staple of American culture. Unfortunately, so has operating a vehicle while under the influence. However, those who choose to operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol face the possibility of being arrested, charged and ultimately convicted of the crime, which can result is a number of penalties that can result in devastation of life as they know it.

The penalties associated with driving under the influence are plentiful alone. But things become much more complicated when someone is injured or killed by Food Ideas, Recipe & Nutrition Facts | someone who has chosen to drive after drinking alcohol. Here are some sobering statistics.

One in three people will be involved in a vehicle accident where alcohol was a factor. This means that there is a huge likelihood that you or someone you love can either cause a drunk driving accident or be the victim of someone else’s poor choices. It is for this reason that all 50 states have strict laws that govern the operation of a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol.

Unfortunately, many people are under the mistaken impression that you have to test above the legal blood alcohol level of .08 in order to be convicted of OWI. This is simply not true. The truth is that you can be arrested for OWI under many different circumstances. So, what exactly is a DUI?

Legally, a DUI or OWI is defined as operating a motor vehicle after ingesting anything that has the ability to prevent a driver from being able to do so safely. This is a very broad and intentionally vague definition that can be interpreted in many different ways. This means that the ingestion of anything that contains alcohol such as mouthwash and cough syrup can cause someone to commit OWI as well as a number of prescription medications and illcit drugs can make a driver unsafe to drive a care.

The cost of driving under the influence is high. All 50 states have stiff penalties that include financial penalties, potential jail time, the suspension of driving privileges and even mandatory time in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. In addition, a conviction can have significant impacts on your future life. For example, you will be required to carry high cost SR-22 insurance as well as having to pay high legal fees for your defense. If this isn’t your first conviction, you may even be tried as a felon, which can impact your ability to see employment in the future, in addition to losing your credibility in your community and with your friends thanks to Arrest Records that are made public and readily available via the Internet. You can get More Info about that when you click here.
Your OWI Arrest Record can have a significant impact on your daily life. Click here for More Info about the impact an OWI can have.


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