Most of us are unaware of the tricks our insurance company plays with us because we trust them completely. This is the biggest mistake anyone can ever make, the insurance company is not your friend – they are a business. In this article, we will tell you the insurance company tricks they play with their clients.

  1. Doctors

Insurance company gives you the doctor who is under their own control it is like shopping for a doctor for them, they look for doctors who are willing to play with them. Companies sort of pay them to make fake reports so they will have to pay a small part of the claim.

  1. Math errors

Another well-known trick, because of which a lot of people got affected is the math error. Companies do not bother to add bonus payments, tips, overtime, premium and fringe tourist-tradepointwebsite benefits when it comes to wage loss benefits against an accident. This is where you should have your attorney talk to the insurance company so you get the deserved claim.

  1. Limiting choice of doctors

Insurance companies limit the choice of doctors, otherwise, they would not be bale to control the work restrictions and medicals costs. Well, just so you know, you are free to select your doctor after 28 days if the claim.

  1. Aggressive nurse case management

An insurance company hires nurse care manager to deal with your medical stuff. Some managers are aggressive who only aim to save money for the insurance company. This is done by manipulating the work restrictions and interfering with the doctor’s recommendations.

So, whenever it comes to file a claim, hire an attorney to protect yourself from insurance company tricks.


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