Limitless Mod Co.’s newest release is an upgraded original version of the Limitless RDTA with the elegance you can expect from all things gold. RDTA, short for Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer, combines a tank’s storage functionality and dripping atomizers’ unique flavors. Let’s take a close look at the Limitless Gold to see if it’s your ideal tank.

Tank Design

Quality brand engraving, durable stainless steel construction, purple titanium screws, laden with gold plating complemented by the brilliance of black. These excellent qualities are the defining features of Limitless Gold’s exclusive design.

Airflow Control

The Limitless RDTA tank has a 25mm base deck with a unique bottom airflow design where air is shot directly from underneath the coils. You are empowered with control over the Limitless triangle airflow with the fully adjustable top airflow slots to optimize your every vape to perfection.

Interchangeable Decks

There’s no one size fits all when it comes Education news, opinion and guides – to vaping devices, but there’s one tank that lifts the boring limits! Fans of the original Limitless RDTA will love the newer, golden offering as deck interchangeability that unrestricts your build potential. Limitless Gold tanks are versatile systems that provides a great building platform to tailor your vaping experience accordingly. Screwing off the drip tip and atomizer cap unravels the gold-plated deck, for you to replace with the deck of your choice.

Newer, Bigger and Better!

The RDTA Gold tank has been enhanced with a larger fill hole and its overall size is actually big for the typical RDTA. It comes with a substantial 4.75-mL juice capacity with no leaks to worry about whatsoever. You can count on an enjoyable vape, done in style with the Limitless Gold RDTA.

Classy design, airflow innovation, deck versatility, larger port system and durability makes the Limitless Gold a vaper’s must-have RDTA tank.


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